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Professional Window Cleaning in Banff and Canmore: Streak Free, Safe, Efficient

Residential Window Cleaning

Sparkling clean windows don’t just look good – they actually allow more natural heat and light into your home, helping you shave the costs of your electricity bill. But you shouldn’t put yourself at risk trying to clean windows that are too high for you to reach. Window cleaning can be a dangerous and frustrating endeavour, requiring you to climb a ladder while spraying, washing, and wiping constantly in search of that streak-free shine. Add in cold and icy weather and things can go from bad to worse. Serving Banff, Canmore, and beyond, Cascade Window Cleaning is your affordable option to give your windows a professional clean at an affordable price, with no risk to you!

Commercial Window Cleaning

First impressions are important, and often a clients’ first impression of your business will be looking in from the street or sidewalk. Our dedicated team will not only ensure your windows have a spotless, streak free, finish, we’ll also expand the lifetime and quality of your glass. Glass is a porous material that can become contaminated with things like minerals (from sprinklers and building run-off), oxidization, dirt, and dust. If not properly cleaned, these contaminants can cause permanent damage. So instead of having cloudy windows and costly replacements, call us today to learn more about the benefits of our service.

Benefits of Hiring Cascade Window Cleaning:

If you’re thinking that you could save a few dollars by washing your windows yourself, consider the following:

  • We have the tools and the experience to get that streak-free shine you simply can’t get with some glass cleaner and elbow grease.
  • Tough, etched stains from environmental pollutants, certain kinds of fungus and prolonged periods of neglect are not easily removed – especially when you’re balancing on a ladder with your hands full!
  • Stained Glass? Leaded Glass? We have the expertise to clean these windows without damaging them.
  • Inspection of your windows: we will alert you to window and structural issues such as poorly fitted screens and wood rot as well as safety issues such as careless painting or clogged channels that prevent the windows from opening in a fire or other emergency.

Best of all, when you hire Cascade Window Cleaning, you can rest assured that we’ll come on time and do the job right – giving you time to enjoy that beautiful Rocky Mountain view. Give us a call today and let us show you how affordable professional window cleaning can be!

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